The Cape of Good Hope SPCA

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Over the past 147 years we have diligently carried out our mission to prevent cruelty to animals. This is done through education, law enforcement, veterinary care services (operating an animal hospital, and four mobile clinics serving impoverished communities), an Animal Care Centre, Horse Care and Farmyard Unit, and Wildlife Facility.

Our area of operation is vast and covers approximately 14 000km² excluding the coastline. Last year alone the society sterilized over 6500 animals, thus reducing the region’s animal over-population problem. By providing primary veterinary care, we not only helped thousands of individual animals, but also improved the health of their human family by reducing the spread of Zoonotic diseases such as mange (human scabies), TB and worms to name a few.

Steadfast in our determination to raise awareness of animal welfare and to significantly reduce and prevent animal cruelty, we provide veterinary care to those communities most in need and a qualified team of experienced inspectors, ready to prevent animal cruelty, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.